New ER Near Woodbrook Opens Wednesday

A typical examination room in Martha Jefferson’s new emergency care facility at US29 and Proffit Road in Albemarle County. (NBC29 photo)

Woodbrook residents will no longer need to drive to Pantops for most emergency medical situations. Thanks to a brand new emergency care facility at US29 and Proffit Road, the trip time to the ER is now only a few minutes.

The new ER was built by Martha Jefferson Hospital to service the north end of Albemarle County as well as the counties of Madison, Green and Orange. According to Google Maps, the new facility is just 3.8 miles north of Woodbrook or approximately 10 minutes of travel time from the subdivision.

We toured the new facility during its open house on September 15th. At thirteen beds, the facility has two more beds than did Martha Jefferson’s former downtown facility. The examination rooms are completely outfitted with the latest technology and feature hardwood in the center of the room. A critical care room supports the care of patients with the greatest needs. Specialty¬† beds are included so that ER staff can take digital X-Rays without moving the patient. The nurse’s station in the center of the examination rooms is very large.

Off the main ER we viewed several rooms full of specialized equipment including a brand new low dose CT scan machine, a digital X-Ray room with servo controlled camera and table, a room for drawing blood, a room for mammograms and a room dedicated to bone density measurements. Digital medical images are stored in the hospital’s computer system for immediate reference by doctors and other care givers.

The new center opens this Wednesday and will operate 24/7.