Site Plan Reveals Full Extent of Path Construction Error

A June 2010 site plan obtained by this blog reveals the full extent of errors made during the construction of a storm water management access road behind the Arden Place development. According to this plan, the road was to be constructed of gravel and end roughly 100 feet beyond the Carmike theater connection.

The approved 100-foot gravel access road to the Arden Place storm water management system (SWM) is shown above in green, the 200-foot unapproved portion of the path in red. Woodbrook is located at the upper right, the Carmike theater to the upper left. (Click to Enlarge)

But that’s not what happened. The gravel access road (green) was wrongly paved, and incorrectly extended another 200 feet (red) to the Woodbrook Lagoon. The plan also shows the tree line of the Woodland Preservation Area where many trees were removed. We are presently studying photos of this area taken in 2010 to determine the amount of damage done to this natural forest.

Shown in green on the map above, this portion of the path was approved by Supervisors in April 2010 as a gravel road. The path should have ended just past the abutments in this photo. The future location of the Arden Place storm water management system is shown to the right. You can see the path heading off to Woodbrook in the distance.
A view just north of the abutments in the previous photo. This portion of the path, shown in red on the map above, should never have been built. It extends approximately 200 feet in the Woodbrook direction.
The same section of the path as shown in the last photo, but looking back toward Arden Place from the Woodbrook Lagoon. This is the far right section of the path shown in red on the map above.

Residents are being asked to contact the Woodbrook Community Association with their concerns.

3 thoughts on “Site Plan Reveals Full Extent of Path Construction Error

  1. Mistakes do happen, but it's hard to believe a developer would make a "mistake" adding $1000s of dollars to their development costs. SOMEBODY gave an order, a direction to somebody, to cut trees, grade a road, pave a road. SOMEBODY had to, since it wasn't on the plan that the contractor follows.

    Who was that somebody, and what is their agenda? Punish Woodbrook for standing up for our neighborhood's rights? Or inching closer to the road they seem to think we need?

    I wonder if somebody will step up and explain how this "mistake" was made? And yes, this mistake is not a nuclear waste dump, but it is an abuse of process that should be explained, corrected, and prevented in the future. The problem is process, not path.

  2. I agree with anonymous above. There is one person or group who is running this show, and it certainly is not our elected Board of Supervisors. Who gives them orders, besides their constituents? Just how loudly does big money talk?

  3. Something's rotten in Denmark!! All Albemarle County citizens should be concerned if things can be voted on one way in public and implemented a completely different way in private.

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