2 thoughts on “Local Media Covers Woodbrook Path Story

  1. For the person who keeps saying that we should just make the best of the sidewalk and stop making Woodbrook look negative: would she feel that way if the "mistake" was an actual road? (That really could be next; they are working behind the Eastbrook homes as well). You may not mind this "mistake", but the next one may devastate you.

    You must hold public officials accountable to implement in private what they vote on in public. Otherwise, how are we ever going to be able to trust anything that is said in the public meetings?! You can't just say, "Well whoops! They made a mistake, but it's pretty and we'll just be positive about it."

    Besides that, they did say that Woodbrook folks were not supposed to walk through on the Arden sidewalk because that's private property. I don't know how they'd enforce that, but that is exactly what they said at a meeting. That's one reason the supervisors didn't think that a sidewalk coming all the way down was a good idea; it wouldn't be fair to have Arden Place (and whoever else) be allowed to walk to WB, but WB folks would be expected to not walk through because Arden Place sidewalk would be private property and reserved for the Arden Place clientele.

  2. The previous commenter is correct, the Woodbrook leg of the path lies on private property. Although it's unlikely, the owners, Arden Place, could prevent Woodbrook residents from using it.

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