Woodbrook Residents Elect New WCA Officers

At their annual picnic held Sunday, Woodbrook residents elected two new members and returned four others to the board of the Woodbrook Community Association.

The new WCA board of directors. From left to right: Susan Reed (President), John Donnadio (Vice-President), Allison O’Grady (Co-Secretary), Cristiane França (Co-Secretary), Steve Vondra (Co-Treasurer) and Bonnie Morgan (Co-Treasurer). Reed, Donnadio, O’Grady and França return from the previous board.
Residents enjoyed a tasty buffet.

Woodbrook Elementary School’s new principal, Lisa Molinaro, spoke briefly to the gathering. “Especially today, where we are big and motropolized, the idea of neighborhood schools are hard to come by” said Molinaro. “To be able to lead in a school where the community is literally in our back yard is something that I’m inspired by,” she said. “I want you guys to know our doors are always open, whatever I can do to support the whole Woodbrook community, I will certainly do my very best.” she concluded. Molinaro invited members of the Woodbrook community to participate in school activities. “I’ve got lots of little kindergarteners who love to be read to,” she said. Molinaro went on to invite all Woodbrook residents to attend school PTO meetings if they wish to do so. The meetings are held on the last Monday of every month.

Fire truck tour

Captain Jack Shakhsheer, with the Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department, thanked the WCA for the invitation to join residents at today’s picnic. “[We love] showing off our trucks,” he said referring to the fire truck tours that took place earlier in the afternoon. “If you all ever need us, feel free to call 911 — we’re always happy to help out.” he said. “Thank you for making us a part of your community,” he added. “If you guys ever need anything we’re located right down the road, [dial] 911 [or] 973-1717.” he said.

Rio District Supervisor Rodney Thomas

Rio District Supervisor Rodney Thomas then took questions from neighbors. “We are looking for businesses that will be good for this neighborhood and good for the entire county,” he said responding to a question about Albemarle square. When asked about development in the new Stellar One property, Thomas indicated that at present there are no applications pending before county staff for any major restaurant franchises. “I’d be glad to help with it,” said Thomas referring to a question about restoring the Woodbrook Neighborhood sign at Woodbrook Drive and US29. Thomas added that Woodbrook residents would likely be required to pay for the new sign. “I’ll talk to [Mr.] Logan and I’ll open the door, but I would like to have someone from the [WCA] step in and take care of it.” he said. “I’ll do anything I can to help you to get the sign back up,” he concluded.

WCA co-secretary Cristiane França then led a contest in which residents competed for prizes in several categories including longest resident (43 years), most children attending Woodbrook Elementary School (4) and newest resident (August). All attendees received a coupon for a free Sandwich Meal courtesy of Chick-fil-A.

WCA President Susan Reed

WCA President Susan Reed then addressed the group on a number of issues affecting Woodbrook residents. She confirmed that neighbors wished to continue receiving crime reports by email. “I would like it if the neighborhood didn’t have to foot the whole cost for that,” said Reed referring to replacing the Woodbrook Neighborhood entrance sign. “I really do feel that the people who knocked it down — that should be their dime to fix it.” she added. Reed reminded neighbors to check the credentials of any door-to-door solicitors and to call 911 if anything seems suspicious. Reed went on to invite neighbors to sign up for a committee of their choice “We think it would be helpful to have some committees for some of this stuff instead of expecting the four officers to do it all,” said Reed. Neighbors applauded loudly in appreciation for Reed’s service as president during the past year.

Several neighbors also expressed their appreciation for this blog.

A moon bounce was provided for the kids.

Ideas for next year include restoring the Woodbrook entrance sign, a review of power problems and a visit by local police to address crime issues. Neighbors were reminded that ticks have caused two recent cases of Lyme disease in the neighborhood.

The event was held in the Woodbrook Elementary School cafeteria. Approximately 40 Woodbrook residents enjoyed the luncheon that included grilled chicken and baked ziti provided by WCA Vice-President John Donnadio. Residents also took advantage of the time to renew friendships with their neighbors.