Woodbrook’s Spring Colors 2010

For many Virginians, Memorial Day weekend signals the end of spring and the beginning of summer. We thought we would celebrate the beginning of summer this year with a look back at Woodbrook’s spring colors.

All of the photos in this album were taken inside our neighborhood this spring. We think you will agree with us that Woodbrook’s spring colors are second to none.

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We hope you will feel free to share this album with family and friends.

3 thoughts on “Woodbrook’s Spring Colors 2010

  1. Thanks, Dan, for the beautiful photographs. Say, what kind of lens did you use for the close-ups of the flowers?

  2. Jenny: Thanks! I just use a standard "short zoom" (18mm-70mm) lens like you will find on most consumer grade digital cameras. I take the closeups with the lens fully "zoomed" getting as close as I can while still staying in focus. Later, I crop the flower out of the larger image later using the computer.

  3. …So awesome Dan. I knew there was a reason that I chose Woodbrook!!

    ; ) Susan

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