Board to Review Arden Place Path

In response to a passionate and eloquent presentation by Woodbrook Community Association president Susan Reed, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors today agreed to review their November 5th decision to widen and extend the Arden Place path to the Woodbrook Lagoon. Supervisors agreed to reconsider their decision at a future public meeting.

“The Woodbrook community is very upset with the Board of Supervisor’s November decision to overturn the Planning Commission’s unanimous recommendation,” said Reed in her presentation to the Board. She continued, “Planners unanimously agreed that a walkway should only be five feet wide and should end behind Carmike theater.” Reed went on to describe the astonishment of the Woodbrook neighborhood when Supervisors revised the Planning Commission decision during the November meeting. Reed’s presentation to the Board of Supervisors follows a letter writing campaign by Woodbrook residents held in November and December 2009. “It was abundantly clear from some of the comments from the Board of Supervisors, that some of the supervisors were not at all familiar with the area that was being discussed,” said Reed. Reed then pointed out that termination of the Arden Place path at the Lagoon made no sense. “Just what makes you think droves of people, at the same time, are going to be walking to a swamp,” Reed added. “Frankly, this is what makes people mistrust the government — a small group of people who will never have to deal with the consequences — purport to know better than the residents of the affected area, and even worse than that, the body that you set up to work through the issues and make recommendations to you,” said Reed referring the the Board.

Listen to President Reed’s presentation to the Board of Supervisors. (12m)

In concluding Reed said, “I respectfully request that the Board of Supervisors reverse the decision made in November and put back the Planning Commission’s recommendation for the five foot wide walk to not go into the Lagoon, or at the very least have more public meetings and public comments”.

Following Ms. Reed’s presentation, Rio District Supervisor Rodney Thomas said, “I support bringing it back to the Board and discussing this matter.” Mr. Thomas went on to remind the Board that the developer requires a decision by March 1st in order to avoid a dramatic increase in his water hookup costs.

The discussion closed with Board of Supervisor’s Chairman Ann Mallek suggesting that the Board could hold a public meeting to review the matter as early as February.