Supervisors Reverse APC Path Recommendation

In a surprising move, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors yesterday reversed County Planning Commission recommendations for a path between Arden Place and the Woodbrook Lagoon Project. In a 5-1 vote the Board of Supervisors decided to widen the path from 5′ to 8′ and to extend the path beyond the proposed Carmike connection to ultimately connect with the lagoon project.

County Planner Bill Fritz, Applicant Representative Valerie Long and Rio District Supervisor David Slutzky made eloquent and forceful arguments encouraging board members to respect the wishes of Woodbrook Residents as expressed at not one, but two public County Planning Commission hearings. Their arguments fell on largely deaf ears. Yesterday’s Board of Supervisors meeting was closed to public comment.

Listen to the Board of Supervisor discussion and vote (49m)

We have thus far been unable contact Rio District Supervisor David Slutzky or Supervisor-Elect Rodney Thomas for comment. You can view our earlier story on the Planning Commission’s recommendations here.