Woodbrook Residents Elect WCA Officers

Woodbrook residents last week elected five neighbors to serve as officers for the Woodbrook Community Association, the voluntary organization that serves to represent the community in all matters affecting it. An unprecedented 38% of residents voted in the election.

Returning officers from last year were Susan Reed (President), John Dondido (Vice-President), and Bonnie Morgan and Steve Vondra (Treasurers). New this year is Tahira Haroon who will serve as secretary.

“I’m pleased that so many people participated and voted and that we got some good ideas for things that neighbors would like to pursue,” said returning President Susan Reed in an email message to this blog.  “I look forward to working with the new slate of officers. It’s good to be part of a neighborhood like Woodbrook,” said Reed.

The election was the first ever for the neighborhood to be held electronically using the Internet. Residents received a ballot by email that allowed them to vote transparently using software specially designed for the election. A place for comments was provided that residents could use to suggest ideas for the neighborhood. Residents without access to the Internet were invited to vote by telephone. The election took place over a ten day period ending October 24, 2012. The elected officers will serve until the end of September 2013.

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  1. Although the election is closed, Woodbrook residents can still view the results. Just use the link we emailed you to visit our virtual voting booth, then page down to see the comments.

    If you no longer have your voting link, email us and we'll send you a new one.

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