Woodbrook to Hold Online Election

Established in October 1972, in response to concerns arising from the dumping of raw sewage in the Woodbrook Lagoon, the Woodbrook Community Association has represented the concerns of Woodbrook residents in many civic matters. This year, for the first time in its almost thirty year history, the association will hold its annual election of officers online.

Traditionally, the association has held its annual election during its September picnic. Members of the community gathered at Woodbrook Elementary School to renew friendships and share stories. For many residents it was a once a year opportunity to catch up on community news. Now that news is distributed by email as it happens, and neighbors can connect at any time on the neighborhood’s Facebook page, the need for an annual meeting has become less important.

“People are very busy these days and it seems as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get done what needs to be done,” said WCA President Susan Reed in an email message to this blog. “The WCA traditionally has a picnic or some sort of get together in early September to vote for our slate of officers.  Because life is so busy, if the picnic isn’t in early September it’s difficult to get people to attend,” says Reed.

Reed hopes that the new election format will allow more Woodbrook residents to participate. “[An online election] has the added benefit of potentially getting more people to vote,” she said. Residents will have ten days to complete their online ballot. Residents without email may register their vote by telephone if they wish.

Ballots will be delivered to residents by email in mid September. Residents may vote or change their vote at any time during the voting period. In keeping with the WCA’s traditional “show of hands” vote, the voting process will remain transparent.

“This does not mean that we won’t have a gathering anymore,” said Reed. If re-elected, Reed plans to hold a community social event in the near future.