Summer Update

Here’s what’s happening in Woodbrook this summer.

Woodbrook children attending Woodbrook Elementary School will be a little cooler this fall thanks to upgrades to the school’s air conditioning system. “We are so pleased that the County’s Capital Improvement Program was able to provide funding for the two projects at Woodbrook Elementary School, this summer,” wrote Albemarle School Board Building Service’s Andy Sterling in an email message to this blog. “The chiller that is being replaced is approximately 25 years old, incurred significant repair bills, and has reached the end of its useful life span,” he added. “The new and modern replacement chiller will be more energy efficient and reliable, and will certainly improve the comfort of all of the building occupants,” he said. The summer project also includes upgrading the kitchen HVAC and lighting systems.

Both projects are on schedule for an early August completion.

Workmen prepare to lift new chiller at Woodbrook Elementary School.

Woodbrook residents will no doubt recall the 2009 Arden Place issue. That summer, over 100 residents attended a hearing on a proposed roadway connection to the Arden Place development. The roadway was defeated. Arden Place is now under construction and can be seen through the trees from Idlewood Drive.

A view of Arden Place from Idlewood Drive. Note the roof peaks in the top center of this photo.

In May we gave you an update on the Woodbrook Lagoon Project. A temporary construction entrance has been build at the corner of Idlewood Drive and Brookmere Road. We haven’t heard of any problems with noise or the movement of heavy equipment so far. If you live in this area, let us know if you are experiencing problems by commenting below.

Temporary construction road next to 2700 Idlewood Drive.
Heavy equipment and supplies for the Woodbrook Lagoon project. The project is expected to be largely completed by the end of July.

And lastly, we noted the presence of what appears to be construction trash on the property of Woodbrook Elementary School. We have been unable to determine the source of the material, but the pallet pictured in the foreground looks similar to those used to deliver concrete blocks for the Carson Raymond Foundation dugouts. If you have information on the source of this material please post your comments below.

Construction trash located behind a dugout at Woodbrook Elementary School.

One thought on “Summer Update

  1. Good interview and report on the lagoon project. We live downstream from the project and we're looking forward to reduced flooding and improved water quality in our backyard creek. Even during the heaviest rains there seems to be little run off into the stream from the forested slopes in our neighborhood. Most of the flooding seems to originate from the street and parking lot storm drains. Hopefully the new lagoon will capture some of that flow, which will then filter out slowly through a sand berm back into the stream, if things work as planned. Considering the many acres of trees that have been cut down in this immediate area in just the last few years it's great to actually see at least a small project designed to help protect the Rivanna watershed. Now if we can just get the RWSA to correct the exposed sewer line (in the creek bed), that will be even more progress in protecting the Rivanna.

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