Stink Bugs Invade Woodbrook

Stink Bug
Stink Bugs, like the one pictured above, have invaded Albemarle County.

There’s an invasion going on in Woodbrook right now. The Asian Stink Bug has arrived. These pesky little creatures work their way into porches, garages and occasionally find their way inside our homes.

Woodbrook resident Gerald Petencin sent us this story about the Stink Bug invasion in Albemarle County. You will also find a lot of good information on combating these pests here.

What are you doing about this problem? Tell us your Stink Bug story in the comment section below.

One thought on “Stink Bugs Invade Woodbrook

  1. We have caught and released a hundred or so Stink Bugs on our back porch. They are easy to catch with an empty peanut butter jar and a piece of cardboard. So far, we have only found a couple indoors.

    We traced our porch problem to a small crack where the porch door meets the frame at the top. We temporarily sealed the crack with tape. That seemed to have helped a lot. We will beef up the weather stripping around the door before next year's invasion.

    One caution. As tempting as it may seem, do not vacuum up these guys. They secrete a sticky substance that can really mess up your vacuum.

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