Winter Storm Brings Out Local Deer

Woodbrook resident Susan Barnard snapped this photo through her back window Saturday.

Last weekend’s 15 inch snowfall was not just a problem for local residents. Our deer population must now work harder to find the food they need to survive. Woodbrook resident Susan Barnard snapped this photo of two deer in her back yard Saturday.

Susan’s photo captures two of the three deer that approached within inches of her back door. “It’s going after my bird feeder,” said Barnard who called us while observing the deer through her back window.

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3 thoughts on “Winter Storm Brings Out Local Deer

  1. What a great picture! Thanks for sharing, Susan.
    I noticed some deer tracks yesterday in our backyard, but I haven't seen any deer for awhile.

  2. I have been stopping by the local grocery stores and markets to pick up apples for them to eat and placing them in a clear spot in my yard or even the street.

    If we all would buy a few apples at the store and throw them out, that would help these lovely creatures until this snow melts and they can find food.

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