Raccoon Invades Neighbor’s Chimney

A Rescue Squad member carries sheets for lowering into an Eastbrook Dr. chimney this morning.

In what must have been an effort to escape today’s cold weather, a raccoon lodged itself in an Eastbrook Drive chimney last evening. “I heard a scratching noise coming from the fireplace,” reported the neighbor. Albemarle County Fire and Rescue was called to the scene at approximately 8:00 a.m. today.

The neighbor first called called Animal Services who in turn redirected the problem to the rescue squad. “I’ve never seen a raccoon in a chimney before,” said one squad member. As one might expect, birds and squirrels are the most popular chimney guests.

After repeated attempts to rescue the raccoon using an animal hook were unsuccessful, a rescue squad member lowered several bed sheets knotted together into the chimney. By noon the raccoon had used the sheets to escape.

Woodbrook residents concerned about animals taking up residence in their chimneys can prevent the problem by installing a chimney cap.