Woodbrook Field Development On Hold

The Carson Raymond Foundation was launched in October of last year. Construction on Woodbrook Field began in November.

School and Carson Raymond Foundation officials agreed to continue the moratorium on further construction on the school’s baseball field until neighborhood concerns have been resolved. That’s the main outcome of a meeting held last Tuesday evening in the school library. Approximately 25 Woodbrook residents turned out for the meeting.

While some neighbors supported the development, many Woodbrook residents have continuing concerns.

Rio District Supervisor Rodney Thomas said that the development requires approval by Albemarle County Community Development, a division of the county’s planning department. According to a source at the meeting the development has yet to be approved by county and school board officials.

It’s at the discretion of county planners to approve the project administratively or recommend that the County Planning Commission hold public hearings on the project.

We interviewed WCA president Susan Reed following the meeting. “They pledged that they were not going to steam roll this,” said Ms. Reed referring to a comment made by school officials.

There was some disagreement at the meeting regarding the new backstop. School officials say that the new construction is a replacement for the existing deteriorating backstop and is therefore exempt from the approval process. Some neighbors believe that the new backstop is significantly larger than the old one and as such should be considered as new development.

The construction of the dugouts remain as the main point of contention. There was some discussion about abandoning the concrete block construction in favor of a smaller more open design.

Some neighbors expressed frustration at the lack of details available on the project.

The issue of who will finally be responsible for maintaining the field has caused much concern with some Woodbrook residents. County school board official Jeff Rohm said that like any structure on school property, the county building and grounds department is responsible for ongoing maintenance.

School and Foundation officials agreed to meet with WCA directors to discuss project details before development on the field resumes. No date was set for the meeting.