Winter Storm Unites Neighborhood

The fourth biggest storm since recording began found Woodbrook residents pitching in to help each other with the cleanup. “I like how the snow seemed to bring everyone a little closer,” wrote one resident in an email message to this blog. Another resident, Kathy Welch, wrote “Five of our neighbors just appeared spontaneously to help us free up our car so we could go pick up our son at the train station Monday evening.” Kathy’s photo of neighbors-helping-neighbors appears at the top of our slide show.

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The storm began in the late afternoon on Friday December 18th and virtually paralyzed the neighborhood until Sunday. Some neighborhood streets went unplowed until as late as Monday. We even snapped a photo of a County snow plow stuck in the snow at the corner of Eastwood and Brentwood.

Our thanks go out to Woodbrook residents Gerry, Jenny, Jonna, Josie, Kathy, Maureen, Rose Mary and William who answered our call for photos. You can view their images in the slide show above.

3 thoughts on “Winter Storm Unites Neighborhood

  1. Any thoughts about the problems with the snow plows not cleaning the primary hills that let us all out of the neighborhood?

    The plow has come by my house three times today to dress up the edges of snow. (our part of Idlewood is clean and dry since Monday) yet on Woodbrook Dr., Brookmere (north side of the school and just east of the school on Idlewood Dr.) there is still up to 6 inches of ice and slop no the hills. The snow plow had to drive over that icy stretch of Brookmere 3 times to continue cleaning the dry sections of Idlewood Dr.

    We still have to park at the school – and the ice storm is on its way.

    Is their a reason that they are not plowing the hilly sections but are almost over plowing the areas that are now clean a dry?

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