WCA Launches Letter Campaign

WCA President
Susan Reed

In an e-mail message to this blog earlier this week, Woodbrook Community Association President Susan Reed kicked off a new campaign to protest the recent decision by Albemarle County Supervisors to widen and extend the Arden Place Trail. “Here we go again,” wrote Reed. Regular readers of this blog may recall the Board’s controversial reversal of the Planning Commission’s decision to install a five-foot path that would terminate at a proposed connection with the Carmike Theatre.

“I recommend that people start writing and emailing their opposition to this to the Board of Supervisors,” wrote Reed. “As we know an eight foot sidewalk could be driven on.”

Reed also questioned the logic of continuing the path through to the Woodbrook Lagoon Project. “I still don’t know why they find it necessary to put a sidewalk through to an enclosed neighborhood; it’s not as if we’re a shopping center,” wrote President Reed. There is [also] the issue of it going through a swampy area,” she wrote.

Reed is asking all concerned Woodbrook residents to document their concerns in a letter addressed to the Board of Supervisors. “Please write a regular letter and get it to one of the [Woodbrook Association] officers,” she wrote. Residents are also encouraged to contact the Board directly if they wish, “but we need to have [the] letters (or at least a print out of the e-mail) so that we know how many people wrote,” suggested Reed. Letters and copies of letters can also be delivered directly to Reed via her newspaper box.

Reed suggested that it’s more important that residents write rather than concern themselves with the format. “Type or handwrite the letter,” she wrote.

Reed encouraged residents to “write to express opposition to sidewalk and why and/or concerns with the process.” Reed wants to know why concerns expressed by over 100 residents at two public Planning Commission meetings were so easily dismissed by the Board of Supervisors at their closed meeting. “It’s my understanding that there are very few times when the BOS overturns the PC recommendations and we’d like to know why,” she added. Supervisor-elect Rodney Thomas has agreed to present the letters to the Board of Supervisors at an up coming meeting.

Woodbrook residents can call Ms. Reed during the evening at 973-0766 with questions.