Supervisor-Elect Rodney Thomas on Board Reversal

Rodney Thomas

On Thursday November 5, 2009, Supervisor-Elect Rodney Thomas graciously agreed to talk with this blog about the the Board of Supervisors’ unexpected reversal of the Albemarle Planning Commission’s recommendations for the Arden Place path.

According to Mr. Thomas, it was Supervisor Sally Thomas who initiated the reversal. “Sally started it off, then Ann jumped in too,” said Thomas referring to Supervisor Ann Mallek. He went on to add that the requested change did not come from County planning staff. “Sally Thomas [made the] recommendation to take it down to the lagoon,” said Thomas.

Over 100 Woodbrook residents participated in various aspects of this project from delivering flyers to attending the meet-the-developer meeting, and speaking at two Planning Commission meetings. “I know how you all teamed together, you did everything you needed to do to tell them what you did not want and what you wanted, and they still went the other way,” he said.

I asked Mr. Thomas if the Board could have sent the matter back to the Planning Commission for review and additional public comment if they were unhappy with the plan. “Oh, I think so too. That’s a good point,” he said.

When asked where Woodbrook residents might go from here, Thomas suggested that they could write “some disappointing letters to the Board for changing this thing all around like they did.” Mr. Thomas went on to say that he would be happy to present Woodbrook’s messages to the Board at an upcoming meeting. “I’d be glad to handle it and go to the next board meeting and present your message to the Board,” he said.