First Halloween Parade a Huge Success

By all accounts, Woodbrook’s first ever Halloween Parade was a huge success. Organized by Woodbrook Community Association Co-Secretaries Allison O’Grady and Cristiane França, the event was held at the Woodbrook Elementary School playground and track during the late afternoon on Halloween day.

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Some of Woodbrook’s youngest residents proudly marched in the parade on the newly constructed school track. Following the parade, the costumed children participated in several organized games including a ping-pong ball race and balloon sweep. A sack race was held for the adults in the crowd.

The event closed with some very tasty treats provided by O’Grady and França.

One thought on “First Halloween Parade a Huge Success

  1. Thanks to Allison & Cristiane for organizing 🙂 Our family had a great time and hope this is an annual event 🙂 The Moran Family

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