Snake Sighting in Lagoon Area

An Eastern Cottonmouth or Northern Copperhead snake was spotted in the area designated as the future site of the Woodbrook Lagoon Project. “I saw a snake today at the stream at the foot of Idlewood Dr. that resembled these,” wrote Woodbrook resident Lee Freudberg in an e-mail message to The Woodbrook Neighborhood Blog earlier this week. “If I had to choose which it was, I’d say the Eastern Cottonmouth, but I can’t be sure, as the sighting was fleeting and the snake had made its way halfway or better into an opening at the stream bank (it’s nest?) before I saw it, as I had apparently surprised it and fortunately it sought cover instead of my ankle,” added Freudberg.

Copper Head (Internet Photo)

Woodbrook residents may recall that this is the original site where County planners proposed a paved path and/or road from Arden Place, and near where Freudberg and others had argued that this area, proposed as the second suggested terminus of the path, posed a danger to unsupervised children. “My argument was based merely on the configuration of the biofilter in and of itself more or less as a “swamp,” and as an attractive nuisance that would draw young children where they could get hurt or covered in contaminants,” wrote Freudberg. He continued, “The presence of venomous snakes (where there’s one, there are more) adds to the unsuitability of the area as a “park.”

Eastern Cottonmouth (Internet Photo)

Freudberg admits that he is not an expert on snakes. “I am not an expert on snakes, far from it,” he wrote. “I am merely basing my conclusion based on the similarity (which was striking) of what I saw to the images I located online.”