Planning Commission Rejects Footpath to Woodbrook Lagoon

In a unanimous decision last evening, Albemarle Planning Commission members voted against the inclusion of a footpath connecting the proposed Arden Place development and the Woodbrook Lagoon Project.

Site plan showing proposed trail system. The Commission rejected the connection to the Woodbrook Lagoon Project as shown in red. The parking lot to the left is a part of the Carmike Cinema. Woodbrook is in the upper right of this plan.

The Commission also unanimously approved the applicant’s revised preliminary site plan with the following amendments,

“…subject to the conditions listed in the staff report with amendment of condition “F” to reflect the discussions we’ve had tonight to eliminate the applicant building the path from what we are calling the potential Carmike entrance to the Lagoon Project and to include the dedicational land between those two points.”

“…amend condition “G” which is going to change the trail type from a class “A” type “2” to a class “A” type “1”, and that there be a new condition which is no access directly to Rio [Road] if access to Carmike is provided.”

“…a condition that says path will not extend north of Carmike pedestrian connection.”

“…with design alignment of a class “A” type “2” [trail]”

A class “A” type “1” trail is a five foot wide trail.

We will have more on this story later this week including complete audio of the meeting.