Neighbor Reports Theft From Vehicle

We have received word of two theft-from-vehicle incidents on the evening of Tuesday, August 4th, one on Idlewood Drive the other on Brentwood Road. According to the Woodbrook resident that e-mailed us, both cars were unlocked and in the driveway. “Someone went through my car last night, through the glove compartment and storage area between the seats,” reported the resident who has asked to remain anonymous. They went on to say, “Nothing was stolen (nothing there worth stealing) and my car was parked in my driveway unlocked.”

Albemarle County Police are reporting five other theft-from-vehicle incidents in Woodbrook during the last six months.

While we can’t advise you on crime prevention, it does seem sensible to keep your vehicles locked at all times.

4 thoughts on “Neighbor Reports Theft From Vehicle

  1. We live on Eastbrook Drive and our car was broken into around that time. Our GPS was stolen out of the middle console. In addition our motion sensor light that turns on when someone enters our driveway- was switched off.

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  3. Our bikes were stolen yesterday and so are our neighbors. We lost our GPs from our van 3 weeks ago.

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