Arden Place Revised Site Plan Shows No Woodbrook Connection

We have just learned that a revised site plan for the Arden Place development has been filed with the Albemarle County Planning office. The revised plan shows no connection to Woodbrook.

We contacted Andy McGinty, the developer, for comment. Here’s what Mr. McGinty had to say regarding the revised plan:

“There is no connection of any kind to Woodbrook (pedestrian, vehicular, emergency or otherwise). I am still proposing a public trail that will connect the county land to Rio road. I’ve also added a new road that connects to Rio for a second public street connection.

I’m waiting on comments from the county and once those are available I’d be happy to meet with the neighborhood again. Hopefully this version of the plan is more appealing to everyone. Please let me know if there are any major areas of concern in the meantime.”

You can view the revised site plan here. If you have comments or concerns you would like us to pass on the the developer, please post them below. We will post the date of the next County Planning Commission meeting on this project as soon as it becomes available.

Thanks go to County Principal Planner Gerald Gatobu for this update.

2 thoughts on “Arden Place Revised Site Plan Shows No Woodbrook Connection

  1. It appears the plan meets the two-road-connection requirement by having a main(?) connection to Rio Road, and a spur to the existing Putt Putt Lane.
    I'm not sure if this solves the considerable questions about traffic, but I have to ask "why wasn't this plan offered the first time around?"

    Steve Wilson

  2. Good question, Steve. Once the planning office has completed their review of the revised plan, Mr. McGinty has offered to hold a second neighborhood meeting should their be sufficient interest to do so.

    Does anyone here think a second "Meet the Developer" meeting would be helpful?

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