CBS19 News Reports on Commission Decision

CBS Channel 19 reported on the Commission’s decision on the road and path on the 11:00 o’clock news last night.

3 thoughts on “CBS19 News Reports on Commission Decision

  1. So, does anyone know if we can push forward the idea of vacating the County's right of way at Idlewood/Brookmere now, so we'll never have to worry about this again? It sounds like the commission would support the notion and perhaps they have some pull w/the Board of Supervisors???

  2. More than one person remarked at last night's meeting that this right-of-way was created in the 1950's, a time very different than now. Back then US29 was just two lanes, and there was no congestion at the intersection of Rio Road and US29.

    I got to wondering if maybe we could get the right-of-way vacated because in today's world it makes no sense.

    I hope to get the audio of the meeting this afternoon. I would like to re-listen to all the comments about the right-of-way to see if vacating it really is a possibility.

  3. It was great to see all the neighbors at last night's Planning meeting. What a team! Thanks for attending.

    But to answer Dan, at the meeting you recorded on Saturday, Dave Slutzky told us that the Board of Supervisors would have to vote on vacating the rights of way. He indicated it would be a tough battle, due to the County's mantra: The Supervisors want in-filling and inter-connecting neighborhoods. But Slutzky probably was not aware of Woodbrook's exclusion from Places29, so getting them to vote in our favor might not be an impossible task.

    john gallagher

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