Bring a Neighbor Tonight

As we approach our meeting tonight with the County Planning Commission, there are still many folks in Woodbrook who have yet to register with us. Chances are one or more of them are your neighbors.

We asking everyone to bring a neighbor with you to tonight’s meeting. The more people that show up, the more the County will take us seriously.

We hope to see you there.

9 thoughts on “Bring a Neighbor Tonight

  1. Since the connection to Woodbrook now seems to be focused on a pedestrian path rather than a road, how do we feel about that? Other than the convenience of allowing kids to walk to elementary school, I dont see a purpose for making a connection to Woodbrook at all.

  2. I am against the whole project. We don't need any more low income housing options in this part of town. Has anyone looked to build South of 250? Walking path for the children is fine and dandy, but congesting the area even further is not the way to go. I am concerned about the safety issues that might arise should this development be approved.

  3. If I understand this correctly, the interconnection of neighborhoods is a County requirement. You might want to look at the Places29 Master Plan or the County's Comprehensive Plan to get a feel for this.

    The new development is being marketed as "luxury" apartments for upwardly mobile professionals.

  4. The pedestrian link to Woodbrook is the opening for a road in the future. The entire idea of linking to Woodbrook needs to be defeated. Let's remember that a member of our community was MUGGED last summer on the streets of Woodbrook.

  5. Dan,

    Has the Places29 Master Plan been adopted? It looked to me like it was still in the draft phase.

  6. The question of the road and/or path was covered in extensive detail at the Saturday "Meet the Developer Meeting". Audio of that meeting is here. Click the link on the left to find it.

  7. I am so sorry to have to miss tonight's meeting after all. I am home w/3 sick, feverish kids. PLEASE voice our thoughts as we did on Sat, and post a summary here as soon as the meeting is over! In case someone is keeping track, I am 100% OPPOSED to the road connection, and 50/50 (neutral) on the footpath. And that is ONLY if it is in fact a true foot-only path with no future possibility of widening to a road.
    Mary Hobson
    2904 Idlewood

  8. I would like to commend John and Charley for the work they did in organizing the neighborhood in a show of strength to the planning commission. Thanks also to those who stood up and voiced their opinions. We dodged a bullet this time.

    Steve White

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