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I hope we have a good showing at the meeting on the 23rd. The appeal of this neighborhood is that it is a dead end configuration. We are conveniently to things, but we are not a cut-thru to other places. Also, we have little crime here, but what we do have, frequently has come from the apts behind us. We don’t want to be an easier target with street access.

Please keep me informed.I am planning on going to the meeting on June 23rd.

I believe that building this road into Woodbrook would be a disaster for the community. It would destroy the character of this community and our isolation from the urban sprawl all around us.

I will be at the meeting with flying colors. We can’t let this happen.

Has any one from county been in the neighborhood to see how much traffic is on Brookmere Road currently? If this goes through how much more will the traffic increase?

I’ll be there on the 23rd. Thank you for all the great work.

I was thinking of going door to door urging people to go to this. Is the information on the agenda available on line now?

We will be away on june 23 and so won’t be able to attend the meeting but please keep us informed. thank you for your efforts.

We’ll be there

I oppose this project. I plan to write to my supervisor about it and attend meeting next week.

Only my husband can attend the meeting. What can I do now? Who should I contact in the county to voice my concerns?

I’m glad to hear we have a Woodbrook community association. I would like to work with you and see if we could make our association more visible to our community. I will definitely be at the meeting on June 23. Can you tell me how many houses (property owners) there are in Woodbrook?

I see no beneficial purpose at all in having a road come into the neighborhood that will just add traffic to a 1 way in, 1 way out place. Since the county lists the Woodbrook and Rt. 29 intersection as one of the more dangerous ones (they wanted a red light camera there), WHY would they choose to add more traffic??!! Also, they can’t even properly pave our road (Ah, the stupidity of paving and then tearing up to put pipes in!); this slurry is all they are doing and it was VERY poorly done. More traffic here? I think not!

Thanks for organizing this. I think it’s crucial that we have a large amount of Woodbrook residents attend the meeting to show that we don’t want the road or even more apartments. Having another road would change the one entrance in one entrance out that is so appealing to so many.

We would certainly love to hear the reasoning behind this awful plan. Who benefits from this?

Thanks for keeping us posted. We are encouraging our circle of neighbors to come to the meeting.

Do you know if the road through the Alltel Business Park is a viable alternative? It seems like we could come up with enough reasons why increased traffic should go there rather than through Woodbrook. Thanks for informing everyone. I’ll be there on the 23rd.

We are very very busy, but we are disagree with this plan you have our support. we will try to make it on june 23. thanks and good luck.

THANKS for doing all this and watching out for us! At least one of us will be there on Tuesday.

Have you heard any new threats from the county on connecting Woodbrook to Carrsbrook? We have had a history in defeating this type of idea before so there are precedent established with the BOS. Perhaps this should be brought up at the meeting on the 23rd. Also, have you heard of any Planning Commission dates that Wendell Wood intends to present the
Woodbrook side of his North Town Center at?

Classic move they lower our property values to raise theirs.

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  1. The county is "concerned" about the increased traffic on Rio RD?! What about the increased traffic in a small subdivision with many children walking to school? Where are their priorities? We will be there Tues and ready to fight!

  2. What a bunch of bull!!! I'll be in attendance for the meeting tomorrow evening with bells on.

    Info. for the earlier post….there are about 210 homes in Woodbrook … a few are rentals with actual owners living out of town.

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