June 23rd: Call for Speakers

With the next Planning Commission meeting just days ahead it’s time to start thinking about what each of us might say on June 23rd. Needless to say, the more people who show up and speak, the more the commission will listen.

We are the third item on the agenda. You should show up at the beginning of the meeting. Sitting through other items is a good thing because you can learn a little about how this stuff works if you’re not familiar with it.

As many people should speak as possible. Each person will have just three minutes to speak so it’s a good idea to divvy up the main arguments between more speakers. Keep your arguments tight and definitely keep them to three minutes. Write them down before you come.

What should you speak about? That’s up to you. You should begin by introducing yourself as a resident of Woodbrook. Tell them how long you have lived in Woodbrook if you think it significant.

And lastly, we can help each other by commenting below this post. Please share what issues you plan to address. You can remain anonymous here if you wish.

2 thoughts on “June 23rd: Call for Speakers

  1. I thought this morning's meeting with the developer of the Arden Place project was very helpful, dispelling some misinformation and bringing me up to date on the proposal to the planning commission.

    The developer has been seeking an easement from the owners of Albemarle Square to provide the second required vehicular access to Arden Place, in addition to Putt Putt road (not its proper name I'm sure.) He has been unable to gain this easement yet, and consequently has applied for a waiver of the second access requirement, realizing that a road into Woodbrook makes no sense for him or us. I think to sweeten the application's chances with the county, he has changed the former road connection to Idlewood Road to a pedestrian access trail (five foot wide, paved) which would connect with a trail at the rear of his development taking one to Rio Road or to Albemarle Square.

    The developer was also candid with us stating that if the waiver request is denied, he will be back with his original approach, namely a road connection to Idlewood. He also mentioned this is a possibility for any alternate future developer, clearly a threat of sorts.

    As one who likes to walk to nearby places, and a cyclist to the university, I support the inclusion of the pedestrian path. I hope many of you do as well, though I know there is opposition to even the path. I honestly don't buy the argument that such a path will bring more criminals into the neighborhood, and as for safety of children walking to Woodbrook Elementary, I don't really see that as unsolvable as well. Really young children will certainly be accompanied, and the vehicular traffic on our streets seems fairly light and child friendly. I see the path as bringing positive good to the larger community.

    Steve Wilson

  2. I think Steve pretty much sums up my take on this morning's meeting. I too like the idea of connecting neighborhoods via foot paths and have enjoyed walking between Woodbrook and Carsbrook many times.

    I think the argument about increased crime resulting from the proposed foot path is weak. Nor do I believe that lighting the path at night will make a significant difference in this regard. There are lots of ways to enter Woodbrook besides the proposed foot path.

    I was also pleased to see that there was universal opinion against the building of a road.

    The only question I see remaining here is that of path maintenance. Who will repair the path when repairs are needed, who will clear snow in the winter, and who will clean up the litter?

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